Check out what our clients say about massage at Body Reviver....

"Thank you Iveta Valentova and Body Reviver. I had the best massage I could ever imagine. I feel so good. I love your new working place, you did a great job. The new aroma oils are very nice. Can not wait to come again. xo"

Michaela -  20th March 2014





"Oh my. What a massage. Got all my known knots, a bunch of unknown knots and also somehow made me come away feeling like I was floating on a cloud. My fellow ocean swimmers better watch out tomorrow I am going to be flying through the water with these limber shoulders!"

Pia -  21st March 2014

"Take care of the body you live in and go and see Iveta @bodyreviver brand new to @primalnrgfitness honestly I went to Iveta today a tense mess with dull back pain, neck soreness and tightness from glutes to temples. 1hr with her and I am a new person. Do yourselves a favour and hit Iveta up for a  massage especially if you train a lot or sit at a desk job all day everyday. Iveta will help relieve tension and stress and help you maximise your training. And recover from injuries. Not only is she amazing but it's cost effective, you can claim on your health fund AND she is located @primalnrgfitness, that is so convenient, great job Iveta, I feel sensational."

Morgan -  24th March 2014